Saturday, September 5, 2009

farewell my sweet....


Hey yo...
In the late summer of '03 I decided I was going to try racing CX on a single speed. I built this wheelset myself & used it with a custom Peyto SS CX bike which I am also going to sell, I hope. These wheels were used during the fall of '03 & briefly during the spring of '04. Lightly used is an understatement.

700c WTB Speed Master rims
DT 14/15 spokes
Chris King Rear Single Speed Hub w/ fun bolts & spacers, 17T Chris King cog included, 32 hole
Chris King Classic front hub, 32 hole

Notes: No front skewer & spacing of the rear hub is 135mm! I put these on the truing stand this morning & there true as hell. These are not for disc brakes. You can switch out the fun bolts for bolts that allow you to use a skewer, these bolts are included also but no rear skewer.

I'm asking $350.00, cash. I'd love to sell these locally/regionally to avoid paypal/ebay fees & shipping hassels.

Check out how much these hubs would cost you on ebay let alone retail. If you don't need a 700c wheelset you could tear these down & build them up to something else & still be way ahead.


Have a great day! TK

hate to do it...

I keep everything, but some stuff's got to go. Stay tuned...